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 Compiler Specific Tuning and Extensions
 A small collection of utilities
 Emulating features of C11
 Some new C11 keywords
 Generic identification of families of types or values
 Generic macros that classify expressions
 Generic type expressions
 Generic identification of families of types or values
 Generic macros that classify expressions
 determine type related properties
 type generic printing
 Compile time constant expressions
 C11 atomic operations
 Stub replacements of C11 atomic operations
 Atomic operations on ARM
 Atomic operations on i386 and x86_64
 Memory Fences
 C11 thread emulation on top of POSIX threads
 C11 additions to the C library
 Compiler and system support features
 Fast User space locking and signalingA simple to use integer valued conditional for user code
 Wrappers for C library functionsWrap library functions such that they throw an exception on error
 Provide default arguments for some POSIX functions
 simple callbacks with or without void argument
 Hooks executed at startup
 Preprocessor conditionalsThis provides different types of if-else clause for the preprocessor
 Preprocessor FOR loops
 Preprocessor BlocksThis defines some macros that can be used to ensure that certain operations are always executed before entering and after leaving a particular block
 Checking code validity
 Try, catch and finally blocks
 Decimal or hexadecimal double constants
 ClassificationThe macros in this group help to classify different token sequences, in particular type specifiers that are composed of several tokens
 List processing macrosWe provide here a series of macros that take a list of arguments of arbitrary length and that transform each element in that list in some way
 Basic list processing macros
 Produce C99 statements or expression lists
 Preprocessor operationsPreprocessor macros that perform simple operations on there arguments, such as Boolean, arithmetic or text
 Preprocessor Boolean operationsPreprocessor macros that return tokens 0 or 1 according to the evaluation of their arguments
 Preprocessor arithmetic operationsPreprocessor macros that perform simple arithmetic on decimal arguments
 Preprocessor text and token manipulationThese macros allow the handling of small texts and tokens
 C Programming facilities
 Default arguments and types for functionsAs a C++ like feature, this series of macros can be used to provide default arguments to functions and also to improve type safety for variadic functions
 Allocation facilities throught the preprocessor
 Flexible array members
 Initialization facilities through the preprocessor
 Macros to ease programming of variadic functions
 Variable Length Arrays
 Type facilitiesMacros that help in the handling of different kinds of types, forward declaring struct or union, and in handling enum
 Type NamesA bunch of types that are derived from the standard types
 One token type namesA bunch of types that are one-token synonyms for standard types
 bool specialsbool must be handled specially since it is not a typedef but a macro
 Conversion of strings to integer typesExtensions of the strto and wcsto families of functions
 Macros to handle integer type expressions
 BitfiddlingBit fiddling of low order bits
 EndianessHelp to handle endianess problems of different kind
 Pseudo Random Generator