A collection of defect reports and feature requests for C

Here I will collect problems and a wishes that I encountered during the programming of (or with) C99. Don't hesitate to drop me line if you have remarks, precisions, additions, ... whatever.


Here I list things that I identified as defects in the C standard. This may involve obviously wrong wordings or semantic inconsistencies.

Serious issues




This will be a list of features that I think could be added to the C standard that I found useful. Generally the idea will be to be conservative (in the first sense of the word) and not to invalidate much existing code.

C and C++ convergence

A recent usenet discussion emphasize that a lot of the differences between C and C++ are there just gratuitously and serve no particular purpose that enforcing some ideological view points. So I started this collection here which is divided in three parts. What C++ can easily import from C, the other way round, and things that both got wrong or that are history and irrelevant for modern platforms.

Features that C++ could easily import from C11

Features that C++ could import from C11 but that would need some effort

Features that C could easily import from C++11

I probably don't know enough of C++ for this section. So please send me your ideas, if you have any.

Problems that C and C++ could tackle jointly in their next version

Author: Jens Gustedt, INRIA, 2012