◆ P99_LVAL

#define P99_LVAL (   ...)
P99_IF_LE(P99_NARG(__VA_ARGS__),1)(P00_LVAL1(__VA_ARGS__))(P00_LVAL(__VA_ARGS__)) \
#define P99_NARG(...)
Return the length of the variable length argument list, where an empty argument list is considered to...
Definition: p99_args.h:112
#define P99_IF_LE(A, B)
Test two decimal numbers A and B for whether A is less than or equal to B.
Definition: p99_if.h:106

Define an lvalue of type T, where T is the first parameter in the variable parameter list.

If only T is given as a parameter, { 0 } is used to initialize the lvalue. Otherwise the remaining parameters are used for initialization.

See also
P99_AVAL for an array type with unknown base type.
P99_RVAL for a macro that returns an rvalue of a certain type and value.

Definition at line 1076 of file p99_int.h.

Referenced by thrd_t_init().